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Michael Trayfoot , Director

Michael Trayfoot , Director

“I love to walk around London looking at our work, knowing I had a role in making outstanding results happen.”

Michael Trayfoot , Director

Michael spent the early part of his career as a self-employed fitter, gaining hands-on experience in the UK, France, Italy, Romania and Austria.

In his late 20s, one of his clients asked him to join the company as an estimator and contracts manager. It was there that he gained experience of taking enquiries, pricing them, winning contracts and managing their delivery.

After a year in this role, we asked him to come to Integra as an estimator. It soon became clear that he had a lot more skills to offer, so his role soon diversified. Before long he was responsible for everything from pricing contracts to managing labour, materials and installation.

In 2007, Michael was appointed a director of Integra. His work covers everything from overseeing projects to HR and business development. He has a particular talent for making sure that quotes and design are aligned with customer needs.

Michael is particularly enthused by major legacy projects, which really allow our people to showcase their talent. He’s a stickler for high standards, saying the ‘quality of jobs stops at my door’. He’s also a creative thinker and always has lots of recommendations for clients, from choosing products to creating prototypes.

A keen golfer and family man, Michael enjoys travelling with his wife and watching his sons compete at golf and football.

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