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Hitan Shah , Finance Director

Hitan Shah , Finance Director

“Integra has a major advantage because it is not constrained by finance – we can go to market and buy materials when we need them.”

Hitan Shah , Finance Director

Hitan lives and breathes everything to do with numbers. After eleven years working for a busy firm of accountants, he joined us in 2005 to knock our systems into shape. His first task was to move our accounting systems to QuickBooks and make sure it worked perfectly for our needs.

After making a success of this, Hitan’s role soon developed and he worked his way up to become our Finance Director. He’s now responsible for everything from making decisions about contracts to finding the best foreign currency exchange rates at the best time for the business.

A key part of Hitan’s role is communicating crucial financial information to our clients. Some require detailed, regular updates and Hitan makes sure they get it ahead of time. Indeed, keeping clients happy is one of the most satisfying aspects of his job.

Hitan also likes the family atmosphere at Integra, as well at our shared determination to deliver the highest quality for all of our projects.

In his leisure hours, Hitan likes to spend time with his family, go to the cinema and concerts and encourage his two daughters’ interest in Taekwondo.

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