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Phil Catchpole , Pre-Construction Director

Phil Catchpole , Pre-Construction Director

“Integra is different because we are not only focused on quality, but we are flexible and willing to diversify.”

Phil Catchpole , Pre-Construction Director

Phil also took a unique career route before joining the Integra team. After a spell as a stock trader, he trained as a diamond valuer for de Beers and even learned how to cut diamonds in Antwerp.

About 20 years ago, Phil began helping us on project sites at the weekends. He later joined us full-time and trained as an estimator. That training stood him in good stead and, if the IT systems are offline, he’ll happily spread the relevant papers out on our meeting table and do his work in the traditional way. Depending on the job, this can involve going through 1,000 different files!

Phil’s work involves collating large amounts of information, interpreting the scope of works, measuring drawings, building up prices and then compiling a quote for the client who needs it. He derives great satisfaction from winning work and the buzz in the office when the whole team pulls together to make things happen.

Phil’s also a bit of a Swiss army knife – he’s always keen to help out in unusual ways, whether it’s building mock-ups or changing the tyres on a van.

A keen clay pigeon shot, Phil also likes to spend his spare time with his family.

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