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Walbrook Building

This project phase was a CAT A fit out to levels 1 & 2.

Each floor space was approx 4500m2. The perimeter of each floor had 75% glazed windows where we installed plasterboard upstands and margins. The three core areas had plasterboard margins with an R15 shadow gap bead abutted to the walls and a shadow gap transition to the ceiling.

Ceiling system SAS 130 with a 750×750 perforated module tile was installed throughout. Linear grilles were installed abutted to the plasterboard margins and ceiling.

Perimeter steels were encased with a bespoke GRG moulding with a metallic finish.

Attributes Values
Location London, England
Construction Date 2012 - 2013
Project Value n/a
Surface Area Gallaghers

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