Featured Projects – One New Oxford Street

Gary Thursting and Kevin Onraet are currently delivering a 12 floor art deco refurbishment project for Mace.

Some tricky details have been overcome by the fixers, particularly the staircases with freestanding well walls which have been installed by Ranja, Atanus and their crews.

Consisting of vast areas of MF ceilings, partitions, wall linings and GRG feature ceilings. Programme constraints and late M&E trade handovers [shock!] have led to plenty of weekends and night shifts.

Next up is the triangular ceilings…good luck fellas!!

Featured Projects – Primark Reading

Martin McGilligan and his team have just successfully delivered the first phase of this complex project

The independent ceiling rafts really add to the open plan workspace and both Morey Smith and BWI are impressed with the quality of delivery

A place of detail and design of particular note are the hinge down sections to the joinery rafts highlighted below, I’m sure they will be getting a lot of testing during the commissioning period!

Featured Projects – Buffalo Propco

Sean McGuire has recently completed the successful handover of Buffalo Propco on Appold Street. A very nice ceiling project for all involved, with Raf and Maciek undertaking the installation of vast areas of SAS System 330.

During the project we decided upon the creation of an internal do’s and don’ts manual for the installation of SAS System 330 to ensure that we eradicate the minor snags and issues that we are confronted with on most projects. This guide is attached to this months newsletter and please issue to installers on any relevant project. Other ceiling systems will soon follow…

Featured Projects – Endeavour

Terry Connell and his able assistant Miro Mihaylov are currently working their way through the initial phase of Credit Suisse with Isg. There have been a vast number of mock ups undertaken so far and the results are terrific.


Worthy of particular praise is the Hunter Douglas waved ceiling that has been installed by Ben Cooper, Danny Meah and the remainder of the pirates.

With another 2.5 years to run on this project we are sure that Terry and the boys will have made their mark on The Whaf!

Tubby’s H&S Corner

Establishing and Maintaining appropriate material / work equipment storage areas on company sites is a key element in effective production resourcing and when correctly maintained demonstrates effective operational controls to our clients. Such company logistical standards are the day to day responsibility of our project management team with such standards monitored internally at the time of our regular health & safety inspections where standards relevant to the following disciplines are visually reviewed / commented upon in the subsequent inspection reports:

  • Established storage areas
  • Segregation of such areas
  • Displaying of appropriate storage area laminated / warning signage as applicable
  • Tidiness of such areas
  • Storage area environmental considerations

The photos below detail examples of good recent operational standards on the following projects:

             Credit Suisse (Isg)                              Primark (BWInteriors)                                 Thales (Kier)

And in Other News….


In the truest sense of charity our own Action Man Chris Nobbs was seen carting a log around the Southeast of England a few weekends ago. Fair play to you Nobbsy


Jimmy’s casting for the next season of Narco’s seems to have gone well and it is surely only a matter of time before the Oscar is his!


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