Buffalo Propco – Appold Street     

Sean McGuire is a few weeks away from delivering a classy installation of SAS 330 for Isg.

His nickname on the job is ‘Cow Head’ let’s hope that the end date is not a moo – ving target!!


Gatwick Awards


Congratulations to Reg and the team at Gatwick for topping the Health & Safety league at Gatwick North Terminal WDF.

A clean sweep of both best company and personnel award in tough conditions. Worthy Winners!

Escape to Victory!


January news letter had works ongoing photos of the tunnel. I am glad to say that Team Heathrow pulled out all the stops to complete ahead of schedule and in the process convincing Heathrow Airport to award Integra the prestigious T3 FCC ceilings starting later this year. Well done all

As a result of recent housekeeping control issues on one of our projects as a reminder the following operational controls are mandatory on all company sites:

  • Use of M or H Class dust extraction equipment when using skill saws to cut plywood etc (as per the attached photograph)
  • The wearing of FFP3 grade dust masks when using such equipment as extraction equipment does not fully control airborne particulate dust. In addition dust masks must be worn when production dust is not fully controlled at source.
  • Operatives to be competently trained in the correct wearing of FFP3 grade dust masks
  • Production waste to always be cleared at source where practicable to do so i.e. through the positioning of appropriate waste bins in all significant production areas and where this is not possible such waste must be cleared on a regular basis throughout the working day.
  • The use of M or H class extraction equipment to clear production waste instead of sweeping up
  • Making sure that work areas are appropriately ventilated where possible.
  • Company project management to adequately plan and supervise housekeeping operational standards on site.

Credit Suisse

With the Mock Up area now complete we can finally turn our attentions to the main job. There are some exciting challenges for Terry ( I doubt if he would say the same) but Credit Suisse is going to be one to be proud of. Completion 2019 so lets’s hope that Integra make as much money as Café Kugga will get out of Terry in the next 24 months.

West Division

  • Primark Headquarts, Reading
  • Thales
  • 350 Longwater
  • Surrey University
  • Gilead – Cambridge ( not quite West)

Perforation Madness!

Handover achieved at Egon Zender!

Jack and the team have got finished against all the odds. The Bespoke Reception ceiling is a complete one off. Everyone involved has worked hard to get this particularly tricky job over the line. Next up Jack Clearly Gotlieb! “Frying Pan & Fire!!!”




Labour Look Ahead

2017 is going to be a busy year. We have already secured a good number of projects for which we need to keep our standards high. The summer period is always a stretch so forward planning is a vital. Let’s start talking to the lead gangs now. Find out when they plan their holidays so we are braced for when the madness starts.

Staff Welfare

On 24.02.17 a BUPA nurse visited Head Office and provided staff with a 15 minute medical / lifestyle assessment which included measurements in relation to height, weight a body mass index calculation, cholesterol level, blood pressure and a diabetes test.

Post-test the office was a buzz with comments concerning ‘surprise’ amongst work colleagues as to the results, with a few positive comments also stated. Pior to the testing caffeine had to be avoided for three hours………Which was a significant challenge in itself to most! And it was noted that at lunchtime the local kebab shop……Quite what this means in respect of lifestyle eating changes time will tell!

The company is now looking at options to provide a level of medical assessments to our on-site operatives during 2017 to promote health awarness throughout the business.

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